Release Day

Commodity just went live on iTunes:

When Philip and I first started recording this record I realized for the first time – after 20 years of writing, recording and touring – this is what success feels like. No more talking about target demographic – no more reducing the melodies of my soul to a mere product to be bought and sold – we were back in my mom’s basement in high school when we first started writing songs before we could even play our instruments. We were back discovering sonic landscapes in a world before someone told us it was against the rules to dream.

That audacious, naive, childish idea that a song could maybe contribute to changing the world snuck back and found it’s way into my brother’s studio in Lincoln NE the day I picked up a mandolin and he hit the record button. Somehow – after losing so much to the rock and roll dream – I found my way back home. And these melodies chronicle my journey towards freedom. No more passing songs through the sanitizing filters of countless gatekeepers – at some point, I’ve got to write honest melodies and that’s what we did this time. I’m not going to sell out and I’m certainly not buying in – because I’m a soul inside a body. I’m not a commodity. I won’t dilute this blood that I bleed.

You might hear this record and think that my voice is a bit out of tune at times or that the instruments aren’t perfectly in rhythm – I hope you do. Some people might think that it’s against the rules to use the same rhyme sound 8 times in a row or that my grammar is wrong or my theology is off or that Philip mixed the bass guitar way too loud. All of that is probably true. For sure the bit about the bass guitar.

But I hope you hear my soul – technology and a machine obsessed with perfection would drown it out and cage it in. But I will sing above the noise of perceived perfection – I will sing about freedom for the oppressed at 100dB this time around – because I’ve found freedom myself.


5 thoughts on “Release Day

  1. Hello David, I just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to write a Be the Change essay for my English Comp class. Its called Hidden in the Shadows of Darknesss. I also had to create a PSA based on my essay. I would love to share them with you! Can you give e an email address to send them to? God bless you! Deborah Saunders 🙂

  2. I’ve yet to listen to the album in it’s entirety but based on the half I’ve listened too, you all did a great job. Truth and soul is better than “perfectly” sung, recorded and mixed sounds.

  3. I wish more artist felt the same way about leaving their music raw. You words remind me of my favorite singer song writer Jon Foreman of Switchfoot. I guess that is what drew me to remedy drive 5 years ago. Commodity is a powerful tool, keep singing it, it needs to be heard. David please keep yourself safe, your baby girls need you to show them what a good man is about. Honored to spend time with you last night In NH.

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