Love is our Weapon – the story behind the song

I have a belief that art has the ability, in a unique way, to effect change. For me it’s always been a well crafted sentence, a photo, a lyric, a melody, dance or film that has most moved me. Here’s a quote from C.S. Lewis:

““The incalculable winds of fantasy and music and poetry, the mere face of a girl, the song of a bird, or the sight of a horizon, are always blowing evil’s whole structure away.”

My friend Jeremy Cowart is a photographer and it was his photography and the stories behind his work that contributed in a unique way to this album and my decision to go overseas to do undercover work. This photo was part of a series called Voices of Reconciliation from Jeremy’s work in Rwanda Innocent, the guy on the left, is a former child soldier. On their skin is written “Love is a weapon to destroy evil” and here is their story.

Love is the weapon that destroys all evil

“Gasperd, 35, (pictured right) locks arms with Innocent (named after he was forgiven), 38, (left), the man who killed his older brother during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Gasperd and Innocent later reconciled while attending a workshop hosted by the As We Forgive Rwanda Initiative and today work together in an agricultural association. They are pictured in the exact spot where the murder took place.”

This photo brought to the surface so much emotion that I wrote most of the lyric to our song Love is Our Weapon right away. My belief in the power of photography and melody has never been higher. A photo inspires a melody. A melody that raises awareness at 110 DB. Awareness that leads to advocacy. Advocacy that inspires action. “I will amplify your voice of peace – riding on the wings of freedom”.


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