My name is David Zach.  I sing and write songs in a band called www.remedydrive.com.REMEDYDRIVE2k15PROMO

I also spend time as a volunteer operative in Southeast Asia with https://www.theexodusroad.com/remedydrive/.  We are a coalition of operatives that find and rescue victims of sex trafficking.  Our latest recording is a concept album on counter trafficking and we’re doing everything we can to recruit ordinary people into the fight against modern day slavery.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Powerful posts, David! As an author myself I feel we know each other through your passion against human trafficking. We are like minded in so many ways! Keep up the awesome work and I’ll be praying for you, your band, and the successes God will bring you. You guys truly possess the allegorial mantle of John the Baptist crying out against the attrocities of human trafficking.

  2. I appreciate what your doing! Thank God for people that will stand up in this generation, and be a Moses, or a David fighting a giant! My family and I met you at the Creation Museum. We have been listening to your Commodity CD almost every time we’re in the vehicle. It has really opened my eyes! Last Saturday we were on the interstate in Ky heading South just before the Tennessee line. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw pictures about trafficking were posted on the doors inside the ladies restroom at the rest area. I literally was floored that they were having to warn people before they reached Tennessee about this problem. They had bolted the alert onto all the stall doors. It told what to be watching for,and that most victims were the average age of 13 . What has this world come to? They even said that the children were being branded with tattoos. Those poor kids must be terrified. I’ve often wondered about the missing children, and have prayed many prayers for them. We are praying, and getting other people praying as well! God bless you, and thank you for all that your doing!

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